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2007-08-12 - 6:54 a.m.

I saw a couple of fun stories in MSNBC. Before I get to those, however, I wanted to applaud the career of Mike Minter of the Carolina Panthers. A real class guy who made a career on talent, work ethic and grit.

He played in one Super Bowl. Possibly the greatest one ever when New England beat Carolina. It was the greatest second half and fourth quarter ever. Minter also won a couple of national titles while playing safety at Nebraska. He tried to make it a go this last year but there was no magic left in his knees, one of which was bone on bone.

Huh, that last sentence could be seen as being dirty, from a blinverted angle. Now let's have some ripped off fun.

It was the headline that caught my attention:

Time stands still as Big Ben’s bongs fall silent

The sub-title was interesting but it didn't have the word bongs:

Workers rappelled down Parliament's iconic clock tower to begin work

This is one of those cases where the headline tells the story. Big Ben stopped working so people tried to fix it. Well, let me see if I can find out why it stopped working.

'LONDON - Big Ben’s bongs fell silent Saturday as workers rappelled down Parliament’s iconic clock tower, beginning a month of maintenance work on the clock and its world-famous bell.

Time briefly stood still as the clock’s hands were frozen shortly after 8 a.m. They then were wound to 12 o’clock as a team of specialist “industrial rope-access technicians” descended to clean the clock’s four latticework faces, part of maintenance ahead of its 150th anniversary in 2009.

Although the clock soon will be ticking again, the famed bell that sounds the hour at Britain’s Houses of Parliament will be silent for four to six weeks as engineers replace bearings in the clock mechanism.'

Turns out the rest of the article was pretty interesting too.

'This is the first time since 1956 that both Big Ben’s sonorous hourly bongs and the chimes that mark each quarter-hour will be silent, robbing London of one of its most distinctive sounds.

Parliament’s neo-Gothic clock tower, designed by Charles Barry, is popularly known as Big Ben, although the name refers only to the 13.5 ton Great Bell inside.

Cast at the Whitechapel Foundry in east London, Big Ben first rang out in July 1859. Soon after, it cracked — as an earlier version had during testing. Officials simply turned the bell so the hammer wouldn’t strike the crack. That same bell, crack and all, remains in use.

It's good to see that Big Ben rose above crack. I found this one fun too:

'Grand Theft Auto' delay shakes industry
Both Sony and Microsoft were counting on the game to move consoles

Turns out video game companies even have parents who will dole out punishment:

'When Take-Two Interactive announced last week that it would delay “Grand Theft Auto IV” until 2008, Wall Street punished the company’s stock and sent a chill wind throughout the game industry.'

I hope Take-Two Interactive at least got dinner before Wall Street sent them to their room.


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