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2005-09-23 - 9:32 a.m.

Ed putted down the street in his shitty Toyota Corolla that had a brake problem. Worn front brake pads was the problem. The problem had gotten so bad that Ed, the frugal driver, feared using them to stop his shitty car. The remedy to that side effect of the problem is pulling the emergency brake in order to stop the forward momentum of his car.
Dewey’s high school driver education teacher called cars man made killing machines. Ed grabbed the handle of his man made killing machine and stopped in front of the pump with the least expensive gas. Dewey got out to pay for the gas. Ed left the emergency brake up, turned off the car then got out to pump the gas. Dewey gave the thumbs up sign from inside of the store and the man made killing machine got a five dollar shot of gasoline.
With that shot the man made killing machine had enough fuel to drive the two stoners to nature’s vast wasteland, a.k.a. a desert. The term desert is far more true because wasteland is abhorrently incorrect. A desert does have an ecosystem whereas a wasteland cannot have one.
Ed pulled the car to a stop in the desert. A display of life, symbolized by thin trees, shielded their misdemeanor offense. Dewey remembered he wanted to talk about an earlier conversation they had. Ed kept thinking about the dream he had where Socrates was killed by mobsters. Dewey spoke while separating the seeds and stems from the weed in his bag.

I was thinking about what you said about evolution.

Dewey saw Ed’s blank stare as he took the pipe. The word evolution made him think about the Bible. The Bible made him think about monkeys.


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